Hitachi Vantara


PCS is one of the most trusted HV partners, a statement made recently by Gary Pilafis, Vice President, Engineering Field Solutions.


PCS consult with and for HV on their Cloud Services, Compute Platforms and Storage solutions, focusing on Oracle Converged Solutions.


HDS trust PCS to engineer disruptive high performance solutions for Oracle environments. Our brief is to rewrite the rule book and establish new benchmark standards for Oracle using HV converged solutions.  We do this by looking at the engineering challenge from outside of the traditional box.  All aspects of the final solution are on the table for review and we rarely miss on delivering beyond our client's expectations.  We do this by using leading edge technologies like HGST PCI Flash technologies, Fusion IO solutions, InfiniBand, 10 and 100Gbit networking and HV's Compute Blade Solutions coupled to the worlds leading SANs and Oracle's smartest software.


HV Compute Blades offer LPAR physical partitioning with N+M physical server fail over to deliver cost effective, highly scalable compute solutions ranging from a single physical server with 1 CPU core through to SMP servers of 128 cores and 6Tb of RAM within the same single converged x86-64 Bit Intel Xeon architecture.


PCS take HV's converged compute platforms to deliver Oracle Flex Cluster database environments married to Flex ASM storage and Dynamic Server Pools to deliver highly scalable burst enabled database and application server services coupled with Open Stack and Cloud Control Provisioning Service's deploying assemblies for single click provisioning.


We have provisioned environments using VMware and Oracle VM to return control and flexibility to your fingertips as well as laying the foundations for your public, private or hybrid cloud deployments.


The team assembled by HV and PCS unlocks the power and reliability of Oracle solutions without locking your organization into a single vertical strategy for one brand of technologies within your organization.  Rather we assemble a converged solution that can service all your disparate technology requirements within a single uniform series of building blocks and fully integrated management services. These solutions are coupled with HV's cloud services to provide over sized scaling and burst capabilities within the cloud when you need them and for only as long as you need them.